March 4-ah Tipaimukh Constituency Vote Thlak Ding: Election Commission

Voisun khan Election Commission of India chun election nei dan ding hai tlangzarna a nei a. Hieng ang hin ning a tih.

Tipaimukh Constituency hi Phase I vote thlak ding a nih. Phase I chu March 4, 2017. I vote hlu tak kha indik taka hmang dingin Ngurrivung Team chun kan ngen che/cheu a nih.

Assembly 2017

Phase 1

Date of Notification: 8 February
Last date of nomination: 15 February
Scrutiny of nomination: 16 February
Withdrawal of candidature: 18 February
Voting: 4 March

Phase 2

Date of Notification: 11 February
Last date of nomination: 18 February
Scrutiny of nomination: 20 February
Withdrawal of candidature: 22 February
Voting: 8 March

Chun, election sunga campaign a hmang ding Donation i thaw nuom chun Donation Page ah hin details enthei a nih.