Profile of Ngurrivung

Independent Candidate
55-Tipaimukh A/C Constituency, Manipur.

Mother's Name: (L) Khawlpui
Father's Name: (L) Ngurkhawsiem
Siblings: Two sisters (both married)
Date of birth: 10.4.1983 Age: 33
Birth place: Parbung
Education Qualification: M.A. (Political Science)

A 33-year-old youth is striving to become an “MLA with a difference” for Tipaimukh constituency in the upcoming Manipur Assembly election.

Mr. Ngurrivung, who has master degree in political science, comes from a humble family. “I don’t have money to give to the people to buy votes. But, my message that they should not sell their valuable votes is received well," he said.

He has been openly calling for a "totally free and fair election" in this remote constituency which is plague by signs of bad governance -- spanning from roads that haven’t been repaired for over 20 years to other basic facilities enjoyed by neighboring constituencies. Mr. Ngurrivung has already toured all the 38 villages by foot over five times since 2016 to deliver his message of hope and development.
Mr. Ngurrivung campaigning at Taithu village
The young Independent candidate tried his luck in 2012 and since then he has become the face of the public's “silent desire for change”.

Having lost both parents at an early age, Mr. Ngurrivung has no heavyweight backers, except for dedicated volunteers who often walked with him from village to village to convince the villagers that their lives can be much better.

"I wanted to become an MLA in order to serve the poor people with the same love God showered upon me. I also want to bring all-round development for everyone and I believe if one is sincere enough that task is not impossible," Mr. Ngurrivung said in an interview with a local magazine “Mamasi Digest”.

Mr. Ngurrivung is pitted against senior Congress leader and Hill Areas Committee Chairman Dr. Chaltonlien Amo, former RIMS director and BJP candidate  Dr. L. Fimate, ex-MLA Mr. Ngursanglur and a woman candidate Ms. Thangthatling.

Being the "poorest candidate" of the five, Mr. Ngurrivung said he often meet people who looked at down at him with disdain. “Sometimes, i hear people saying ‘Mr. Ngurrivung should not be campaigning at all if he has no money,’ right in front of just because they haven’t seen me before to recognise me. It’s funny and sad at the same time, how much money power has been entrenched in our electoral politics. However, the youths, old and womenfolk are  getting my message of a clean politics based on  development agenda and strong ethics," he said.
Mr. Ngurrivung goes on house to house campaign.
On a question why he choose to stand as an Independent candidate, Mr. Ngurrivung said that the “it’s the best for the constituency in the current political situation”. “If I win, it will be a real victory for the people. We will be able to get the best for the people no matter which party tries to form a government in the state.”

Mr. Ngurrivung's core campaign is based on a slogan "let us rise up and rebuild". He said he wanted to see the complete reconstruction of Tipaimukh National Highway stretch from Bukpui to Tipaimukh, introduction of alternative livelihood for jhum farmers, installation of mobile towers among others.

Mr. Ngurrivung spends a a night at the home of villagers.
"It's about time all government facilities and schemes reach the intended beneficiaries. It can be from proper roads, delivery of old age pensions, proper healthcare, seamless mobile connectivity, reliable income for farmers, proper schools where teachers work where they are posted, promoting sports especially football, safe drinking water, small scale power generation, training of unemployment youths for various sectors like hospitality sector and most important is stationing of government staff at their designated posts,” Mr. Ngurrivung added.

Mr. Ngurrivung interacts with villagers of Tipaimukh Constituency.
And, on a question how he intends to become “an MLA with difference”, he promptly replied: “I’m going to work right from my constituency. Imphal will be a stop-over. I will be drinking the water my people drink and I will be using the roads that my people use on a daily basis until we achieve our targets. Having first-hand experience for a short-time, maybe once in six months is not enough. I want to live first-hand what my people go though on a daily basis."